Presenting a software, product or service at our meetups or events for creators & influencer.

Thank you for your interest in presenting your product, software or service at one of our virtual or in-person meetups.

Social Rising is a community of creators & influencers we reach through meetups and events all around the world. The majority are nano/micro-influencers and people who are about to start creating.

They think about how to start, how to grow, how to efficiently produce and how to connect with others.

We do virtual worldwide events at least monthly, and in-person events currently in multiple cities in Europe and soon North America.

We are very lucky that we at such an early stage of building this community we are already being supported by companies who create products or services for creators. We don’t have specific „offers“ yet that we can present you, but we love to discuss how your product brings value to creators and find a way how to present it to our audience in an engaging way.

Indoor-meetup at Spreegold in Berlin
Matteo moderating an outdoor meetup.